21: Portrait of A College Family

What began as a need to connect with new roommates evolved into an exploration of the ‘college family’ dynamic and doings. Just as college is a home away from home, the community that is built between classmates, apartment dwellers, teachers, and colleagues is a family away from family. An expectation, yet also a privilege, college spans a relatively small part of a lifetime, in which great traditions, histories, and knowledge are imparted so that an eager student may finally begin his or her life. It is a time in which living with complete strangers is fully endorsed by parents, youth are at least semi-independent, and close friendships are the key to surviving, if not thriving, through intense study sessions, late-night food runs, new responsibilities, and a plethora of parties, lectures, and shows. The college family is a long-established and easily understood structure, utilized by many persons throughout history to find their place through and in the world.